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Meadowest Preschool Open House

Meadowest Preschool Open House will be on Thursday March 5th 2009. 9:00am to 11:30am.

Please come out and learn what a cooperative preschool can do for you and your child.

We are located inside of Meadowvale Community Centre. 6655 Glen Erin Drive.

Please feel free to contact us at 905-301-3781 0r visit our website at

Rates start from only $120 per month

Streetsville Children's Centre
Streetsville Academy Private School

We are a Private School in Mississauga offering a Rare and Unique program. We offer Nursery School and Kindergarten Programs 2,3,4,5 days AM/PM and Full. Our students have the opportunity to learn, French, Performing Arts, Yoga, Indoor and Outdoor Gross Motor times and other fantastic programs. We are offering all Mom's Of Mississauga Webpage Users FREE REGISTRATION FEE. Call for details and don't forget to mention this ad.
905-813-7318 or




Voted The Best Childcare & School in Mississauga

The winner of the Moms of Mississauga  “Best Daycare & School in Mississauga”  contest is FUN SCHOOLWith great support from present & past FUN SCHOOL parents, they are all in agreement that FUN SCHOOL is the a great school to send your kids to.  FUN SCHOOL will receive an entire year of advertising courtesy of Moms of Mississauga. Congratulations! 

Lisa Defrancesco who submitted her vote, is the winner of a Gourmet Tea Chest courtesy of Moms of Mississauga.  Thank you to all of you who participated in the vote. 

Here’s what some of the parents had to say:

My son has attended Fun School for the past 8 months, in preparation for his start to JK in September and he absolutely loves it. The staff have really made 'school' a positive experience for my son and I plan to continue sending him to FUN school even when he starts JK in the fall.  The staff are great, the programs excellent, and the communication with parents has been top notch. I do feel they offer a safe, well run and supportive environment for kids to explore their potential and have fun. I will definitely send my daughter when she is old enough.  JH


Staff are excellent, Kids love it there and are great and I feel at total ease knowing my children are safe and well looked after!  TM


The school has a very nurturing environment. The staff are excellent and continually meet the education and emotional needs of the children in their care.  I am extremely happy that I found this school for my daughter and continually sing its praises to all. The JK program is second to none.  I highly recommend any parent to visit the school and see for themselves just how great it is.   HH


The teachers and staff are truly amazing and foster each child's interests and needs. The program has so many educational components that are taught in a fun way. Our little guy loves it.  JB


Small school that truly does care for the well being of each and every student -- everyone is treated like family.  CM


Staff is very friendly and caring.  LDS


My daughter who is 3 years old loves going and my daughter who is 16 months old gets upset when she cannot stay with her sister :o).  The teachers and principal are excellent and take wonderful care of my daughter's and family's needs.  LE


The teachers are kind, caring, loving, and very attentive.  It's a hands on approach and I love it! NG


Teachers are great, program is awesome and the results are amazing. JC


The staff of Fun School are all very approachable, knowledgable and caring.  I feel very safe enrolling my children there and know they are receiving a very good education - one that address their intellectual, social and emotional needs as well as basics such as good manners. SA


Fun School for the kids is just that, lots of fun. The teachers are devoted and caring and the staff to pupil ratio is small. The children learn in a caring, nurturing environment. The atmosphere is very friendly, family orientated. Our deepest regret is that the school only caters to SK. keep up the great work Fun School you are the best. CD


I enrolled my daughter at Fun School as I heard they would provide mid-day transportation from St Luke to their facility.  I thought this would be great way to have her in "real school" being St Luke and  having a close by school to go to for the afternoon.  I had felt that Fun School would be like a day care and nothing more. 

I couldn't have been more wrong. Fun School is a real school with a real curriculum. The woman who runs the show - Linda, has her finger on the pulse and everyone in it at all times.  The staff that teach my daughter are exceedingly professional. The bus transfer is seamless and have not had one problem with it.  I receive more feedback from her teacher's than I do with her morning school. The children are not dismissed at the end of the day without her teachers checking their list that she has been dismissed, providing me with her work from the day, assigning homework and telling me something about what kind of afternoon she had.  Fun School is a terrific school and I am more than impressed with it.

I think Linda Nolan should open it up all the way to grade 9!!! LH



As a mom of three boys, I've been around town and have done my research.  FUN School has struck the perfect balance of nuturing and academics.  The classrooms are above ground, well lit, colourful and inviting.  The teachers are warm and caring and qualified to teach.  They use fun, hands-on activities that promote a love for learning. There is art, singing, phonics, math-readiness/math (depending on the level), free-play and an emphasis on social development. They provide outdoor play and if the weather is not cooperating, the children gladly romp around in the "gross motor room".  There is music class, dance class, french class and a computer in each classroom.  My oldest son used to beam on Thursday after dance class!  That is so important because mom's of boys know that there are no real dance programs available for boys.  It's great to give them that outlet. 

From my description, you can tell that the program is well balanced, helping us to raise well-rounded children who enjoy school.  As parents the school is also tops.  Communication is very clear. The weekly plan is posted outside each class, broken down into daily activities so you can speak to your child about specific activities.  There are pocket organizers outside the classrooms with notices to go home.  There are emails of newsletters with pertinent information.  The teachers are always available, as well as the fabulous principal, Linda Nolan.  She knows all the children by name and the children know and love her. 

Cleanliness is not issue.  The rooms and equipment is clean and germ spreading has been mimimized with indoor shoe and hand washing policies.  Each child washes their hands before entering the classroom.  FUN School is a wonderful school.  We are so fortunate to have this school in our community.  I truly believe the magnificent teachers and principal who run this school should be recognized for their amazing efforts and devotion to the children. LD














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