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MOM's we know you have some cute and fun photos to share with us, or how about sending some of your funny and embarassing moments with your kids.

Human Hover Craft - Photo of girl doing the splits 4 feet high over water

Human Hover Craft

Toddler who fancies fine jewelry!

What do you get when you leave your thongs lying around?

A toddler who fancies fine jewelry!


"Oh, bother!"
"Oh, bother!"


Teddy Bear Picnic - Benares House 2007

Teddy Bear Picnic - Benares Historic House
Teddy Bears Picnic - Benares Historic House - Enjoying the entertainment
Pony ride at Teddy Bear Picnic  
Teddy Bears Picnic - photo of fire truck ladder  
Teddy Bears Picnic - Teddy Bear Clinic









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