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Wee Watch

‘ Wee Watch is looking for great child care Providers!


Wee Watch Enriched Home Child Care has been providing quality, licensed home based child care in Mississauga for over fifteen years.  Licensed private home child care is the preferred choice of many parents because we offer a small number of children, family oriented setting, yet a stimulating environment which is monitored on a regular basis by a trained E.C.E. Home Visitor.


We steadily have Parents looking for licensed home day care and we are therefore desperately looking for caregivers, or ‘Providers’ to work with Wee Watch in the Mississauga area!! The profile of a typical Provider is an individual who has children of her own and wishes to stay at home with them while earning an income caring for others.


Why work with Wee Watch?  Once you have gone through the initial screening process with Wee Watch and have been chosen by a family to care for their child, you will receive in-home training.  This will familiarize you with Ministry and agency policies, give you programming ideas, offer you suggestions on how to set up your home and you will be given the major equipment to get started.  


Wee Watch will then continue to give you support on an on-going basis: we continue to set up interviews for you with Parents looking for care when you have a day care spot available; we pay for your CPR/First Aid course; we pay you on a regular bi-weekly basis, pay for stat holidays and children’s sick days; we regularly provide you with crafts and educational material, workshops, social events and support!


Wee Watch continues to handle the business side of things so that you may continue to do what you enjoy the most, caring for children!  And working with Wee Watch allows you to take pride in the fact that you are a day care professional, offering a valuable service to the community while still enjoying the benefits of working from home!

If you would like more information on becoming a Wee Watch Provider, we would love to hear from you!  Please call Wee Watch at 905.823.2625 or consult our website, ‘



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If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact Carmen at Moms of Mississauga via email or phone. or 416-873-3892




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